I like robot stories, so I’m going to tell a robot story.

There was once a wonderfully expressive robot. A father bought it for his daughter, due to her sorrow over the death of her pet. But the girl refused it: “I don’t want it, they’ll just break anyway.” The robot shot itself with a sports rifle to show its sturdiness and insisted “I won’t break!” The girl stroked its wound, and said “Never do anything like that again.”

The father thought this wonderfully expressive robot would have a good influence on his daughter, who was always stoic and emotionless. And in fact, as she watched the robot laugh and cry over everything, the girl became able to honestly laugh and cry herself. “Even though you’re a robot,” she said. “Even though you’re a robot, I love you.”

When the woman, once a girl, passed away from old age, the robot realized what she had meant when she said “they’ll just break.” The wonderfully expressive robot went to another household, and became companion to another human there, but it could no longer put on a smile like before. “Because they’ll just break anyway.”​

Fafoo (via vgperson)